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HAVE YOU TRIED THE NEW GREENTEETH WEARSHARP TEETH? Through extensive R&D the boffins at Greenteeth have improved on the original Greenteeth design by altering the shape of the carbide dish on the tooth. The new GLOBALLY PATENTED Wearsharp tooth design allows your stump teeth to retain a sharp edge as the carbide wears away, unlike traditional teeth that tend to round off and go blunt. Greenteeth Wearsharp teeth NEVER NEED SHARPENING! Try a set on your next tooth order. As always, the teeth are covered by the Greenteeth Guarantee.

Greenteeth® is a unique Stump Grinder tooth and pocket system that gives you the ability to rotate the tooth itself, providing a fresh cutting edge in a matter of seconds. The tooth can be rotated using only a standard wrench and without having to remove the pocket! Since each tooth can be rotated to a new edge three times, it’s like having three teeth in one! In the same way, any tooth can be easily moved to any pocket position on the wheel, thus allowing even more cutting life from each tooth.

A tough carbide concave “dish” as a cutting edge is the innovative design that allows Greenteeth® the ability to actually “shear” rather than “shred”. The shearing is a smoother motion that requires less power exertion from the machine and allows faster, more efficient stump cutting.




Greenteeth® have been designed to work on all standard cutting wheels and can be bolted to any machine which uses standard or heavy-duty teeth and pockets. No gauging is required to install Greenteeth®. The simple design of Greenteeth® allows each tooth to fit securely into position in each pocket without any further adjustments. We mean it when we say “30 seconds to a new cutting edge”!

LoPro Series

The original Greenteeth® were designed way back in 1997. After years of continuous production, testing, customer interaction and improvements, in 2008 we introduced a new line of Greenteeth®. Our Patented designs offer you specific sizes of cutter teeth which are tailored to the size and power of your machines. By choosing a tooth and pocket combination from the Greenteeth® “family” you are assured of maximum stump cutting efficiency for your machine.

The new Patented LoPro series has a much better pocket design to keep pocket wear to a minimum. The LoPro pocket has a continues uniform wall around the pocket's bore which enlarges and strengthens the bore. The combination of an increased tooth diameter and a reduction in the pocket thickness, enabled us to give the LoPro pocket a 19mm clearance between the side of the pock¬et and the stump. 

700 LoPro Series

The 700 LoPro Series is designed for best performance on the 15 to 38 HP machines, has 3 cutting edges and has a 21mm diameter carbide cutting tip. The 700 series has tremendous strength with the use of heat treated hardened alloy steels, and the unique design characteristics of Greenteeth®, make the 700 Series the choice for today’s faster, stronger small to mid-sized machines.



LoPro Bolt

Reducing the thickness of the pockets and a new design allowed us to increase the steel under the bolts head which in turn created a stronger pocket. A slot at the end of the bolt helps with quick extraction of a broken bolt. With the LoPro design we increased the surface area of the pocket which in turn better distributes the torque of the bolt into the wheel.

900 LoPro Series

The 900 is designed to cover the 38-66 HP range. Built around the 25mm diameter carbide tooth, the 900 is a tooth and pocket combination made with the same high quality materials of the 700 series teeth. The 900 is an exceptionally durable tooth intended for the extremely tough conditions in which today’s higher horse power machines perform.

1100  Series

The 1100 is actually where it all started. The 1100 is a redesign of our original “one size fits all” tooth and pocket system. This is the largest tooth and pocket of the Greenteeth® family and is best suited for larger machines from 66 to 200HP. The 1100 was first put into the frost filled ground on a cold Michigan day in January 1997. The results were impressive then and still are today. The carbide on the 1100 measures a massive 29mm in diameter and has found a place in stump grinding applications worldwide.

The GreenBolt®

The GreenBolt® was designed for the 1100 series pocket and engineered to make up for the short comings of the standard allen head bolt. There are 3 areas of improvement.

  1. The Greenbolt® is built with an external drive head for ease of installation and removal.
  2. The smooth shank strengthens the bolt as well as minimises wheel wear and
  3. The extraction slot on the end facilitates easy removal in case of bolt breakage.
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