Greenteeth® Product Quality Guarantee:

All Greenteeth® are made in the USA using the finest materials available. Greenteeth® are the real deal; not an inferior copy out of south east Asia.  Any product that you feel may not have passed our quality standards can be returned to us for replacement. We will accept unused parts for return or exchange up to 30 days from the date of purchase with proof of purchase included with the return. Having said this, it is almost unheard of for a Greenteeth® customer to be  anything less than thrilled with their Greenteeth® performance, so please call us on 1800-681733 to discuss any problems you have with your purchase and we should be able to change the performance to meet your expectations.

New Setups And First Time Customers:

Please ensure you select the correct teeth for your application. If you think that you may encounter a fair amount of rock in your stump grinding, we suggest that you don't purchase the deep-dish style teeth. You should purchase the standard-dish style teeth which will tolerate rock better due to their flatter, less concave cutting face. Having said that, just like all stump teeth on the market, even the standard dish Greenteeth® may chip at the edges if they encounter rocks. Carbide is man-made and rock is not, so rocks will always win! If your Greenteeth® are chipping at the edges due to grinding in rock, then this situation is not covered by the Greenteeth® Product Quality Guarantee.

A note regarding Greenteeth Wearsharp teeth in rocky conditions:

The Wearsharp teeth retain a sharp edge as you grind the stump. They do not go blunt or round off like traditional teeth. As such some users have noticed that if they hit rocks in the stumps then the Wearsharp Teeth with continue to cut the stump and grind away the rock without an obvious drop in cutting performance. If you continue to cut into the rock you WILL wear away the carbide on your teeth quickly. If this happens to your Wearsharp teeth then, as above, this situation is not covered by your Greenteeth Guarantee.


Thank you for becoming a part of the Green Team and we look forward to serving you in the future.