On this page we've added some great stories from AUSTRALIA and the USA and we're keen to hear about your positive experiences with Greenteeth® . Please shoot us an email at [email protected] and tell us your Greenteeth® story.  We would LOVE to hear from you. Thank You for being a part of the GREEN TEAM! 

P6020035_export.jpg “With over 10 years in the stump grinding game, we’ll tell you that Greenteeth are no gimmick. You don’t have to undo the pocket to sharpen the tooth and you “rotate” it on-site for an instant “sharpen”. No more chewing out hex bolts every 2 days. They cut smoother and are easier to fit. We’ll never change back and wish we’d switched over years ago.”

Mike, James & Tim from Treeko, Cheltenham, Victoria
IMG_7371_small.jpg “I have used all the different teeth over the years and now run the 900 series Greenteeth on my 44hp diesel powered grinder. These Greenteeth cut better and are easier to maintain than anything I have used before. Finally I have a stump tooth that is not a hassle to live with – and that means I am making more money from my stumps.”

Andrew Hamilton from Andrew Hamilton Tree Services, Leeton, NSW
greenteeth-home-testimonial.jpg “I’ve been in business for 25 years & have tried many different types of stump teeth. Greenteeth are easily the best we have ever used. They deliver faster cutting with less vibration, and are quick and easy to maintain. I would never go back to anything else!”

Daryl Jowett – Daryl’s Tree Care, Box Hill, Victoria.
greenteeth "I use Greenteeth® on both my 30hp and 90hp stump grinders and I'm here to tell you that if you are not using Greenteeth® on your stump machines then you are throwing your money away!"

Paul McIntosh, PM Tree Lopping, Riddells Creek, VIC
 _stump.jpg "After 24 years of stump removing I have finally found the right stump cutter teeth to suit my business. The Greenteeth® cutting system has improved the cutting performance of both my machines. I have less downtime due to their three cutting edges , the Greenteeth® are easy to change in the field, and there is less vibrations through the machine. This results in increased production, which increases my profits. Well done GREENTEETH® !"

 _greenteeth-testimonial-2.jpg "The Greenteeth® cut beautifully. They are quick to swap over and it's great to have 3 sharp edges on each tooth. We are really impressed with Greenteeth® and recommend them to anyone who wants to get the most out of their grinder. Thanks for a great product " .

Dylan Wark - Byron Bay Tree Services, Mullumbimby, NSW.
 _greenteeth-testimonial-1.jpg "I've been grinding stumps for over 20 years and have used all the types of stump teeth on the market. Greenteeth® are by far and away the best stump tooth system around. They cut fast and smooth, and having 3 edges to every tooth saves me heaps of time in changing teeth and sharpening. I'd recommend them to anyone who wants to make more profit out of grinding stumps."

Adam Begaud - Ideal Tree Services Pty Ltd, Davidson, NSW.
testimonial-gibson.jpg "My experience with Greenteeth® has been very beneficial. The reduced downtime has allowed me to have more time for the job and less fixing. When the time comes to trade out for newer teeth, the job is quick and easy. I will always encourage anyone I know to purchase a set of Greenteeth® for their stump grinder and receive the great benefit of owning a set. "

John Gibson - Gibson Tree Service  -Tipp City, Ohio, USA
testimonial-scott.jpg "Absolutely the best investment I have made for my business. Three sides of teeth provide longer tooth life, no down time, and increased production. These teeth make perfect sense!"

Scott Brenner - ArborTek Tree Care - Massillon, Ohio, USA
testimonial-envirotree.jpg "I would like to say this about Greenteeth®. They are awesome. I am Charles Morris with Environmental Tree Service and have been in business for 12 years. I have never used anything else since I started using Greenteeth® on my two Rayco® RG 1625JR stump grinders. I am really at a loss for words for these Greenteeth®. I will let the professionals and others know how awesome these teeth are. It takes me half the time to grind my stumps. When I am grinding and hit cement, all I do is turn it. Sometimes I do not have to turn the teeth and I just keep on grinding, grinding, and grinding. Thanks for creating the Greenteeth®."

Charles W. Morris - Environmental Tree Service
tetimonial-mccullough.jpg "McCullough's Tree Service, Inc. is a national award winning company and we like to have great equipment. GREENTEETH® is a perfect fit around here. Cost, efficiency and down time are very important factors in our tree care operation. Since we have used GREENTEETH® the overhead in cutting our stumps have dramatically decreased. The labor in changing the cutting edge has been reduced by 1 hour. There are no fancy tools needed to work on these teeth. A ¾ ratchet wrench and you are back in business. Keep up the great work!"

Wess McCullough - McCullough's Tree Service - Zanesville, Ohio, USA
testimonial-mikeoconnell.jpg "I have tried several differint kinds of teeth. None are as durable or cut as fast as the Greenteeth®. They made my job easier and faster. I recommend them to all my friends."

Mike O'Connell - Master Tech Services Stump Removal
testmonial-earl.jpg "While grinding a stump I hit this piece of metal. I cut the metal and broke the metal bar in two! I was sure my day was over. When I stopped the wheel, I found I had only chipped one tooh, and broken one allen bolt! Greenteeth® rock! I can’t say enough about them. The tooth had appoximately 25 hours on it. The pocket was installed in 1998! I replaced the bolt and got right back to work!"

Earl Laplante - Bedford Stump Removal, Temperance, MI, USA
testimonial-scox.jpg "I own and operate Grinders Stump Grinding LLC of Jacksonville Florida. The photo is from the grinding of a blown over oak tree which I grinded using a Rayco 1625 super junior and Greenteeth® . I've used these teeth for a couple of weeks on a variety of woods. The cutting speed is at least 20% faster than other teeth. The time required to rotate/replace the teeth compared to the replacement of other teeth is about 4 times faster giving me more up time on the machine. After using Greenteeth® I can't imagine going to anything else."

Steve Cox - Owner/Operator of Grinders Stump Grinding, Jacksonville, Florida, USA 
testimonial-josh.jpg "Greenteeth® is the best thing that has happened to the stump grinding business. We truly recommend using them on your stump grinders...they last longer and will save you money in the long run. Give them a try, you'll see for yourself." 

Josh Argo - Argo Stump Removal, Inc., Cocoa, Florida, USA
testimonial-john-oconnor-sept.jpg "Thanks for the great service today in outfitting my new stump grinder with Greenteeth®. You guys are a joy to work with and what a difference the new teeth make. My machine is noticeably faster and more productive. I can't wait to go out and grind more stumps. Call me a satisfied customer!"

John O'Connor - The Lumberjacks Tree Service
testimonial-mikevillipart.jpg "When I wake up in the morning, there is one thing I know I can count on in my equipment, and that is Greenteeth Stump Cutter Teeth on my Vermeer 60TX. The ease of changing these teeth in the field has reduced my down time by 50%. There is no messing with the pockets or tooth gauging with this system. If you dull a tooth, turn it to a new cutting edge and get back to work in seconds. This tool is the most innovative stump cutter tool in the industry. If you’re not using it you are losing time and money! "

Mike Villipart - Dion's Tree Service, Howell, New Jersey, USA
testimonial-peterzatezalo.jpg "Your window of opportunity: As a stump grinder guy, you get tired of changing those broken teeth, especially out in the field. Well, lucky for us Mr. Green hit the nail on the head and helped us with this problem. This is primarily due to the way Greenteeth® set on the wheel. Greenteeth® don't stretch out like most teeth. Have you ever watched one of those karate guys break a concrete block with the palm of his hand? Hey, he comes down on it like Greenteeth®. Reach out and attempt to break a concrete block with your arm stretched out. Need I say more? Get the best: I did." 

Peter Zatezalo - All Seasons Tree Service, Berkley, MI, USA
testimonial-gregnester.jpg "These teeth are the fastest cutting teeth I have ever used! They have increased my productivity by at least 50%. The ease of changing the cutting edges is unbelievable. I just use a standard wrench and change them right in the field. No more hours of downtime with impact wrenches and having to remove the pockets. I also am part owner of N & S Rentals and our customers love how these teeth cut. We let them change the teeth in the field too which keeps our machine running smoother because the machine is always sharp. Thanks for saving me and my customers time and money. GreenTeeth® make all other cutting teeth obsolete."

Greg Nester - N & S Rentals, Germantown, Maryland, USA
testimonial-garycobb.jpg "Just wanted to thank Green Manufacturing for coming up with GreenTeeth®. They have drastically reduced my down time due to the quick changing ability in the field and my productivity has increased by at least 50%. These things really cut!! We just added GreenTeeth® to our third Bandit® 2100 Stump Grinder and they are the only teeth we use now!!!"

Gary Cobb  - C & C Tree Service, Mobile, Alabama, USA